Our proven brand process creates effective brands for our clients, time and again. Discover how we put our process into practice below.



The most valuable aspect of what we offer is our strategic thinking. We start by discovering what makes you different, and work closely with your team to develop your unique brand story. Our strategic exercises have helped hundreds of companies to communicate well and connect deeply with their audiences, creating brand alignment both internally and externally.


With your brand strategy in place, we move to the visual representation of your brand which includes your logo, type, colors, and much more — all of which are captured in a comprehensive brand styleguide. We connect with you in real-time meetings and work alongside your team, keeping you up to date on all the work being created throughout our partnership.


What good is a brand that has not been put into use? We work with your team to execute your brand story and visual identity across your business, whether that is on the web, socials, a pitch deck, UI, or any other collateral. We field any questions your team might have, and make sure that you newly minted brand is delivered consistently across your company.


With your story and visuals in place, it is now time to launch your most valuable business asset — your brand. This means being there to support your website launch, creating brand launch collateral — such as social posts and videos — and developing internal and external communication that tells a powerful and memorable story about your brand.

Brand Strategy

All of our work begins with strategy. Through our proven strategic process we create a solid foundation for your brand and business. This strategic work will become the foundation that you build your company upon and is by far most valuable service we offer.

→ Brand beliefs & values
→ Unique positioning
→ Persona development
→ Brand story & messaging
→ Leadership alignment

Visual Identity

Your visual identity is how you'll be represented in the real world. We specialize in creating versatile brand identities that connect with customers and scale into your business seamlessly. Companies don’t hire us for logos — they hire us to build brands that live in the hearts and minds of their audience.

→ Naming
→ Visual identity system
→ Brand guidelines
→ Visual language elements

Brand Collateral

We support companies in their branding and marketing efforts by creating high quality design collaterals, such as: social , one-pagers, video assets, and any other branded marketing resources.

→ Marketing campaigns
→ Print collateral
→ Copywriting
→ Brand launch support

Web Design & Dev

We build beautiful, interactive, and strategy driven websites that reflect your brand.

→ Story development
→ Copywriting
→ Web development w/ Webflow + Framer
     Our process always begins with strategy. We start by asking the big questions and we work alongside your team to develop a unique position and story, so that you can find true brand differentiation in the market.

In order to establish brand alignment it is essential that we work with your founding team. By working directly with your leadership we can enact the vision that lives in the hearts and minds of your company's key stakeholders.
A focus on startups and early stage companies
8 — 16 week timelines
Collaborate directly with Lunour's founding team
Clear communication with us in real-time meetings