Learn how to build a brand that attracts lifelong customers and will make it impossible for competitors to copy you


What clients have said about working with us

We had a really challenging story to tell, but the outcome we got to with Lunour was great. They get the bigger picture of what needs to be done. I’ve worked with three other branding firms—all of which were horrible—other than the team at Lunour. They were very consultative, no ego—just humble, with expert results.

CEO at Thalamus

I’m very proud of the work we’ve done with Lunour. Before, our name and logo felt too cute and cheap, now it matches the core of who we are—a true contender with some of the biggest names in the project management B2B space.

CEO at Frame

We went from getting 20 logos made by other designers (and liking zero of them) to Lunour giving us 3 brands to choose from and loving all 3 of them!

CEO at Echelonn
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Many startups fail to attract customers and investors due to these 3 common problems:


Difficulty conveying your unique benefits and brand story


Inconsistent brand identity that misses your target audience


Lack of in-house expertise or resources to develop your brand

*Don't make these mistakes when trying to build your brand


Fail to build a strategic foundation for your brand


Focus on only the visual design of your brand


Try to launch your brand without the proper know-how

Your startup is here today because of your team's relentless grit — from crafting incredible solutions to continually defying all the odds.

But, as you've grown you've realized that people don’t just choose your company by compiling a list of your features. They choose you because of the consistent experiences you provide every time they interact with you.

In a world where competitors can easily copy your every move, standing out is more critical than ever.

This is where your brand steps in...

Brand is the essence of who you are. It is the key factor in unlocking growth and customer loyalty. It is the feeling that you provide customers and keeps them coming back. And, if you've made it this far in business, we know you understand this.

It's more than likely that over the years you've spent time and energy into building your brand, but perhaps still feel something is still missing.

This is where we step in...

Just as business is your forte, refining and relaunching brands is ours.

Let us join your journey, and together turn your brand into your most valuable business asset and your greatest strength.

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We build brands that help you build your business.

What you can expect from working with us


Clearly articulate what makes your company unique


Be proud of your visual presentation


Outshine competitors


Confidently engage with investors and customers


Have the foundation to continue growing a captivating brand

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We develop your strategy

Through facilitated workshops, we’ll develop a story that wins over customers.

We design an identity that stands apart

We’ll translate your unique position to a beautiful and complete visual language.

Launch your brand and train your team

We’ll provide all files and guidelines so your team can grow like top companies do.

If you’re ready to start building your greatest business asset, schedule your 30-min brand discovery call with us

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P.S. We guarantee that from our call you'll learn actionable brand insights that you can implement right away.